BAUMIT SilikonTop

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BAUMIT SilikonTop Thin coat silicone textured render 1.5mm – white 25kg



Description: Baumit SilikonTop is an easy to use, breathable, decorative, silicone-based, textured top coat render which comes in a grain size of 1.5mm. It repels water and is stain and weather resistant.

Colour: white

Baumit SilikonTop can be used as a finish coat render on all main wall areas. It can be applied on to old and new mineral renders (lime and cement renders), organic base coat renders in the Baumit range and on to EWI systems.

– applying as an external scratch or dragged textured decorative render.

– applying as a finish over Baumit base coat and bonding coat renders.

– applying as a finish in areas where weather and stain resistance is required.

– providing a white or coloured facade.


Application: Baumit SilikonTop should be gently whisked in it’s tub prior to use to ensure a homogeneous consistency. Up to 1% water can be added to improve workability.


Surfaces should be clean, dry, free from dust and suitably cured. All surfaces must be primed with Baumit UniPrimer or DG27 Primer prior to application. The Baumit SilikonTop is applied with a stainless steel trowel and troweled back to the grit thickness. The surface is then finished with a PVC float using small circular motions.

For the best finish apply and finish each panel continuously, without breaks. It is best to use the same person to finish the whole of each panel to avoid differences in texture mid way.


Baumit SilikonTop should only be used when temperatures are above 5 degrees Celsius and away from strong, drying winds and direct sunlight. Because the material has to dry out to harden and cure, if the atmospheric humidity is very high and temperature is low drying times will longer.