Soudal Expanding Gun Foam 750ml


SOUDAL SOUDAFOAM GUN is a one-component, self-expanding, ready to use polyurethane foam. It is fitted with a plastic adaptor head for use with a foam applicator gun. It contains CFC-free propellants, which are completely harmless to the ozone layer


Excellent adhesion on most substrates (except PTFE, PE and PP).
High thermal and acoustical insulation.
Very good filling capacities.
Excellent mounting capacities.
Excellent stability (no shrink or post expansion).
Very precise application due to the foam gun system.

Recommended For :
Installing of window- and doorframes.
Filling of cavities.
Sealing of all openings in roof constructions.
Creation of a soundproof screen.
Mounting and sealing of window- and doorframes.
Connecting of insulation materials and roof constructions.
Application of a soundproofing layer on motors.
Improving thermal isolation in cooling systems.