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Premium Evo Bristle Water Brushes

Premium Evo Bristle Water Brushes

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Premium Water Brushes with Evo™ Bristles 4” – 7”

REFINA Premium Water Brushes with EVO™ Bristles are manufactured with a waxed octagonal hardwood handle, providing long-lasting performance and an ergonomic grip. The specially designed EVO™ advanced filament bristles offer excellent water retention and dependable bristle longevity. Finished with a stainless-steel rust-free ferrule and adjustable bucket clip, this water brush is an excellent addition to plastering and rendering tool kits.


  • Specially designed EVO™ advanced filament bristle
  • Excellent water retention and bristle longevity
  • Waxed hardwood construction for long-lasting performance
  • Stainless-steel rust-free ferrule
  • Ergonomically designed octagonal handle
  • Adjustable bucket clip