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SUPERFLEX-2 Trowel 14x4.75’’ Blue

SUPERFLEX-2 Trowel 14x4.75’’ Blue

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SUPERFLEX-2 0.4mm Plastering Finishing Trowel 14 - 18"

REFINA SUPERFLEX-2 specialist finishing trowels are purpose made professional hand tools that feature a near-full length intermediate fixing plate and unique narrow flexible stainless steel 0.4mm gauge blade. This combination of premium components provides the benefit of some slight blade flexibility to ease day to day plastering fatigue. Manufactured with a premium metal alloy that is specifically formulated for plastering, these plastering trowels feature radiused corners, and finished blade edges and are fitted with a variety of different handles that provide comfort and a slip-resistant grip. The REFINA SUPERFLEX-2 trowel range is German Made and is regarded as the most durable flexible trowel in the market that delivers a professional finish on walls and ceilings first time, every time.

SUPERFLEX-2 finishing trowels can be supplied with a range of handles including blue soft-touch composite rubber, cork and wood, ensuring a slip-resistant grip, firm hold and all-day comfort.

The SUPERFLEX-1 is produced with our most flexible 125mm 0.4mm gauge blade. The SUPERFLEX-2 is slightly stiffer with a 120mm wide 0.4mm blade and longer intermediate plate to give additional stiffness along the length of the trowel. The SUPERFLEX-3 is a more rigid option with 0.5mm blade and is the perfect all-round trowel.


  • 120mm / 4.75" blade and longer bracket for a stiffer trowel experience
  • Rust-free, flexible 0.4mm gauge stainless steel blade
  • Radiused corners and finished blade edges to prevent drag
  • A variety of handle types are available
  • Regarded as the most durable flexible trowel on the market
  • Manufactured in Germany